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If its for your celebration, birthday party, anniversary, wedding, charity social, PTA fund raising  etc. etc, then please call:-

Jennie on 01782 213484 or 07980 532205 or email

Dave on 07948 706469 or email

Website updated:   23 February 2016

Glen on fiddle

Roy on bass guitar

Jennie on melodeon

Dave provides the rhythm

Skimmity is a four piece band from North Staffordshire.  The band comprises Violin, Melodeon, Rhythm Guitar and Bass Guitar.  We have our own PA and an experienced caller to guide you through the dances. We will travel widely to your event.  See our Gig list and Gallery

To see and hear Skimmity please choose a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) from the list below.  It may link you through to YouTube, but if not you could copy it to the address bar of your search engine!

Clip Number




Clips 1-5

 A town twinning celebration in the wonderful Lichfield Guildhall, Lichfield, Staffs,  September 2013

1 Introducing the Skimmity Band members and caller 1 min 31secs
2 Just the Skimmity Band playing 29 secs
3 Skimmity playing for the Goathland Square Eight in the Guildhall 2 min 22 secs
4 Skimmity playing for the Stoke Golding Country Dance (includes stripping the willow) 1 min 33 secs
5 Skimmity playing  for the last dance of the evening - The Circassian Circle 1 min  54 secs
Clips 6-11

Skimmity entertaining at the Potteries Folk Club in June 2014

6 Jolly Sheepskins 1 min 7 secs
7 The Recovery 1 min 26 secs
8 Buttered Peas 47 secs
9 Portsmouth 1 min 12 secs
10 Atholl Highlanders 47 secs